DISCIPLINA – The first blockchain to create verified personal profiles based on academic and professional achievements. This new blockchain developed by the core developers of the TeachMePlease and Cardano. This token operates on the Blockchain platform and its current value is 1DSCP = 0.0005ETH.

The blockchain technology utilization guarantees the platform transparency and maintains the information reliability and confidentiality added by the ecosystem participants. Based on the Disciplina blockchain platform, TeachMePlease will be one of the first projects developed by the company.

The TeachMePlease implements Disciplina and it will be blockchain based. It also offers the database of the learning institutes, different educational programmes, and both online & offline schools along with the personal instructor. Currently, over 1300 educational institutions have registered on the platform.

The main objective of this project is to create the multifunctional blockchain for maintaining the unified register for the academic qualifications and achievements in order to generate the scoring system for each user platform.

The company inter-linked three main users in their educational revolutionary project such as Academic institutions, students, and recruiters. Each user has its own duties and responsibility on this platform.
Because of the requirement to store helpful and confidential information such as grades, courses, and test result, the use of dedicated blockchain is reasonable.  The idea accessing blockchain technology in creating Disciplina means all the transactions and data remain unchanged and verification becomes much easier with blockchain.


Name Position Links
Ilya NikiforovCo-Founder
Dmitry GordovichCo-Founder
Alexander LeonchikHead of the Development Department
Sergei MaximovLead backend developer
Roman AltermanHead of the blockchain project
Pavel ShatskihHead of the design department
Arseniy SerokaBlockchain Developer, Serokell team, ex-Cardano developer.
Jonn MostovoyBlockchain Developer, Serokell team, ex-Cardano developer.
Dima MukhutdinovBlockchain Developer, Serokell team, ex-Cardano developer.
Kenji SasakiAdvisor. Co-founder of Cardano, CEO of Next Chymia Consulting HK, marketing, promotion and blockchain consultant in Asian market
Jason KingAdvisor, co-founder of school of blockchain named Academy
Antonio Menéndez SierraAdvisor, Professional in fields of employer branding, recruiting and HR

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2018-04-27 | 2018-07-19
Token DSCP
Price 1 DSCP = 0.0005 ETH
Platform Blockchain
AcceptingETH, BTC. LTC
Soft cap4000000$
Hard cap15000000$
Category Education
Total Supply 45,000,000

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