Dimensions Network is a hybrid platform for trading. It provides a trading zone for options, cryptocurrency coins, futures and many other derivatives. The Exchange Aggregator does a commendable job is searching for the best price after going through multiple exchanges. Then it automatically offers the best price available. Dimensions Network genuinely cares for all your hard work. So, you don’t feel the need of having other trading accounts in other platforms. 15% of the fee that this platform generates goes into the accounts of the token holders. This is their reward for doing good work.

The type of the project is an actual token type. So, all transactions in this trading platform take place in the form of tokens. The platform is based solely on the latest Ethereum technology. The category in which it functions is Investing and Trading with the total estimated supply of 240,000,000.

The team comprises of accomplished professionals, who are experts in what they do. Stephen Mullens is the co-founder and CEO of the company. RinChwe is another co-founder and COO. The Core Developer is Navneet Kumar and the Developer in Java, C++ is Jensen Ng Kian Sheng. The Blockchain Advisor is Glynn Farrow, and the Corporate Investment Advisor is Denny Oh.

  • Details
  • Target Contribution: 150,000 ETH Exchange Rate: 1 ETH = 800 STC Strike Coin Strike Coin (STC) is a token issued by Dimensions Network to carry out a number of functions. Initially the token will be used to distribute rewards to our token holders. A 15% share of the trading fees generated by Dimensions Network will be shared with our token holders as a reward. Use of Funds 45% Development Fund 15% Marketing and Sales 15% Compliance / Regulation 10% Admin and Operations 5% Exchange Liquidity 5% Legal 5% Bug Bounty
  • Rates and Bonuses
  • First 24 Hours 20% Bonus (1 ETH = 600 GLA)
    Week One 5% Bonus (1 ETH = 525 GLA)
    Week Two 3% Bonus (1 ETH = 515 GLA)
    Week Three 1% Bonus (1 ETH = 505 GLA)
    Week Four 0% Bonus (1 ETH = 500 GLA)
  • Distribution
  • Token Sale 144,000,000 STC 60.00%
    Business Partnerships & Advisors 48,000,000 STC 20.00%
    Founders (Tokens locked up for 2 years) 24,000,000 STC 10.00%
    Employee Incentives
    24,000,000 STC


  • Name
  • Position
  • Links
  • Stephen Mullens
  • Co Founder - CEO
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  • Rin Chwe Me
  • Co Founder - COO
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  • Manu Datta
  • Co Founder - CTO
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  • Navneet Kumar
  • Core Developer
  • Jensen Ng Kian Sheng
  • Developer. Java, C++
  • Tan Wee Ching
  • Developer. C, C++, Java, Visual Basic .NET, SQL
  • Suba Shiniie
  • UI / UX. HTML, AngulaJS, Angula2, PHP, Java, Java Script, Knockout, Laravel
  • Glynn Farrow
  • Blockchain Advisor
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  • Denny Oh
  • Corporate Investment Advisor
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Token DST
Price 1 ETH : 4,800 DST
Platform Ethereum
Minimum investment0.1 ETH
Hard capNo Limit
Country Singapore
Restricted areas USA
Category Trading & Investing
Total Supply 240,000,000
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