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Digitex is offering an entirely new feature to the world of business. They are showing the ideal model for exchange. They want to replace the typical transaction method. The trading which is commission free will undoubtedly create some feature which will attract the traders who have short-term business tragedy and not dependent on any other exchange through the act of the commission. The price hike in different exchanges will occur with the price hike of the cryptocurrency. DGTX tokens are required for commission free trades.

This new trade system of cryptocurrency will surely attract different traders, and the demand for DGTX token will undoubtedly increase. With the price hike of the tokens of DGTX, the exchange has to generate new tokens to overcome the loss. This process will indirectly reduce the cost of making new tokens.

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  • The traders related with Digitex can take part in the market without worrying about the funds. It is a significant feature which is entirely different from the earlier system. Here the traders can control their own funds. So you don't have to worry about the loss caused by the third party. The owners of DGTX token are generating new tokens to generate revenue.


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  • Adam Todd
  • Founder & CEO
  • Mickael Salabi
  • CFO
  • Lee Mayne
  • Web & UI
  • Yuri Hideaki
  • Ethereum Developer
  • Plataformatec
  • Software Engineering
Trade Token on Bitcratic


Category software
Total Supply700,000,000

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