Digital Asset Exchange Token

The infrastructure framework of Digital Asset Exchange Token allows integration of custom blockchain for governments, capital markets, and financial services. This platform intends to connect the ancient and the new through servicing of several non-traditional and traditional classes under one roof. It makes real-time settlement of trade.

ICO Market

The marketplace is open to buying several asset classes and ICOs. Individuals interested in purchasing ICOs can be benefitted in this platform. You can view the information about several ICOs on this one platform.

The system of Pot Allocation

In the ICO Market, it is a crucial program. At the time of pre-sale, allocation of ICOs is automatically calculated due to the presence of this feature. ICOs distribution becomes fairer and utterly transparent due to the Pot Allocation System. So, all problems that occur during allocation and distribution in the present ICO market will be efficiently eradicated.

DAXT or Digital Asset Exchange Token

DAXT stands for a utility coin in ICO. The presale characteristic of ICOs can be utilized by DAXT holders only. Every time a customer uses DAXT for buying ICOs, it has to be burnt. So, problems regarding allocation and distribution of in the present market of ICO will be resolved.

Token Sale: 55%rnTeam & Founders: 20%rnReserve: 25%


PreICO Price1 DAXT = 0.75 EUR
Price1 DAXT = 1 EUR
AcceptingETH, BTC, Fiat
Hard cap35,700,000 EUR
Restricted areasIn US only accredited investors.
Category Finance
Total Supply130,000,000
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