We aim to start from creating the biggest community of global tech professional and software sourcing marketplace to foster the economy and unlock blockchain technology together with Devnetwork and DEV token, we can create thousands of possible ways to grow and engage the community, not only hiring and matching. Think about WWW, HTML, API and OS platform, Devnetwork can be technology medium for every platform not only Devcamp. It’s open and everyone can access and build things on top of it.

Corporates, communities, freelancers, game publisher or even college students. Our solutions will be effective but simple and represent our core value that unites everyone in the industries. In the near future when we and partners work together, the solution can be developed and increased in many ways. Also, we will update it regularly on Devnetwork website’s case study. Here is an early solution that we would like to share and open for everyone to join and onboard the platform with us in this decade.


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  • Wittaya Assawasathain
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Kittichai Phiphatbunyarat
  • Chief Strategy Officer
  • Ratthanin Sakdamrongrat
  • Head of Corporate Relationship and Marketing
  • Taniphon Paniwan
  • Head of Engineer
  • Jetsada Machom
  • Full Stack Developer
  • Katopz Todsaporn
  • Blockchain Evangelist
  • Supachai Laparparat
  • Head of Web Platform
  • Ty Smith
  • Advisor
  • Teesid Korsrilabutr
  • Advisor
  • Alan Lee
  • Advisor
  • Chakkrit Tantithamthavorn
  • Advisor
  • Bowornsith Nitiyavanich
  • Legal Advisor
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Platform Ethereum
Category Artificial Intelligence , Business services , smart-contract
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