DCX – Managed Global Payment Blockchain. The enterprise level digital currency payment solution. We bring certainties to retailers. – Asset backed stable coin. For every minted coin an actual dollar or euro is held in reserve. So retailers can keep prices as is. – 24/7 Support. Our highly skilled service desk employees are 24/7 available to awnser all your technical and non-technical questions. – 100% available. With our innovative, highly scalable global infrastructure we guarantee 100% uptime. Never mis a sale due to unavailabillity of the payment processor. – We deliver are services with a clear service level agreement. Clear KPI’s which are monitored and reported on, on a monthly basis. – Guaranteed transaction times. We deliver a stable and fast global network with a guaranteed minimal transaction time which is defined in the service SLA, monitored and monthly reported. – High security standard based on PCI-DSS. Our highly secured network based on the PCI-DSS bank standard for security offers save and secure processing of all transactions.


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  • Peter Lucas Harnisch
  • CSO / Co-founder
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  • Martijn Vos
  • CEO / Co-founder
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Platform Ethereum
Category CryptoCurrency
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