DateCoin is the World’s first platform for dating service, which utilizes artificial intelligent algorithms and neural networks based on the business model along with blockchain access. This token is the highly liquid utility derived from ERC-20 standard along with the implementation of price rise mechanics and secured by the growing active audience globally.

This dating service runs on the Ethereum platform by the Russia-based company. The use of DateCoin is restricted in USA and China. At present, the original value of the DateCoin ICO is 1DTC = 0.00025ETH.  This platform renders a pool of the perfect matching partners for the serious relationship instead of the silly chatting.

The company implemented the token by the professional team that is highly experienced in launching the profitable dating services. Because of the intellectual verification system, users can easily search their favorable girls based on the picture recognition and therefore it eliminated the fake profiles. The company gives adequate security options to the users such as internal chats prevents hackers, end-to-end encryption of the user’s data, and other issues related cybersecurity.

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  • The platform is completely based on the face recognition technology, personal preferences, and semantic & morphological analysis of dialogue so that users will find intelligent matching faster. Thus, it enhances the higher hookups of the favorable and interested girls. The company uses blockchain in order to tackle the core issues of the dating industry, user verification, and identification. Most importantly, there is no any hidden fee for this service while accessing the application and even accepts the cryptocurrencies.


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  • Nikita Anufriev
  • Founder and CEO
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  • Aleksey Sinitsin
  • Co-founder & investment director
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  • Maksim Kozlov
  • СТО and Chief crypto officer
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  • Elena Platonova
  • Marketing Manager
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  • Dmitry Starostin
  • Product director
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Token DTC
PreICO Price 1 DTC = 0.000175 ETH
Price 1 DTC = 0.00025 ETH
Platform Ethereum
Soft cap 5 000 000 €
Category Communications
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