DADI is a decentralized, global platform that provides web services. It was established on the Ethereum blockchain with the commitment of upholding the fundamental principles of the Internet through the democratization of computational power. DADI offers database storage, computing power, content delivery to facilitate businesses to thrive and prosper.

DADI is indeed a significant shift when it comes to cloud computing services as it has the feature of peer-to-peer collaboration, which also on a vast scale. The technology searches for the most appropriate and nearest computational power hub and accordingly distributes the tasks.

Any device – be it a supercomputer cluster or a smartphone – is welcome to join hands with the network with the aim of selling computational power as a beginner.

What lies on the other side of this transaction is apparently beneficial for platform users. They get a considerable decrease in cost, rate flexibility, increased security and commendable performance.

What separates it from different ICO events is the fact that the technology used by DADI is already launched. The micro services, mandatory to this platform, have been in developed in the past four years and these micro services are in production presently. It gives the power to the products such as Virgin Limited Edition, Empire Online and Monocle.

Token DADI
PreICO Price 1 DADI = 0.4 USD
Price 1 DADI = 0.5 USD
Platform Ethereum
Category Infrastructure
Total Supply 100,000,000
Bitcratic Decentralized Exchange

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