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CycloShield collects data and learns using machine learning, notifying you of dangerous roads and can make suggestions regarding safer times and roads to cycle, is also focused on monitoring your sport activity, recording training sessions and improvements of your performance. You can view the data on your phone or download to your computer via the integrated Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Everything you need in order to use your smart phone to check your progress and use the data in any way you wish. Keeps track of your time, location, distance, elevation, and speed. It is a Swiss army knife of an app and is highly recommended to those who bike and more.

CycloShield is compatible with the majority of activity monitors and mobile applications on the market. The device uses a simple interface and is capable of exporting data in industry standard formats allowing users to read the data and even develop their own apps.


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  • Francisco Martin
  • CEO
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  • Javier Fabrega
  • Co-Founder
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  • Tanausu Tejera
  • Co-Founder Financial Director
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  • Xavier Gonzalez
  • Senior App Developer
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  • Sorin Gheorghe
  • Consultant Blockchain Developer
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  • Liliana Umpierrez
  • Audiovisual Producer
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  • Jacob Morales
  • Consultant Industrial Engineer
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  • Stephen Tasker
  • Marketing Advisor
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  • Vicente Rodriguez
  • Economic Advisor
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  • David Morales
  • Legal Advisor
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  • Manuel Guillen
  • Consultant Refrigeration Expert
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Total Supply700,000,000

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