CyberX Project is a revolutionary cyber-security software designed to implement unseen-before protection level to any individual big company. Once connected to the project it forms a peer-to-peer network and combines all cyber-security resources available in the network to protect firm.

CyberX Project intended making every individual company invulnerable to viruses and other malware. Our company specializes in cyber-security services, application of technology in the industry. We realized the great potential of the blockchain, we decided to develop a crypto named CyberX (Cx token). Currently, the project is in the pre-sale stage before the official ICO.

CyberX Project is a decentralized cyber-security platform. We are a startup team launched by a company which specialized in cyber-security services, CyberX project is collaborating with many famous organizations worldwide such as Kaspersky Lab.


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  • Luo Jin
  • Co-founder
  • Davinger Singh
  • Co-founder
  • Chiu David
  • IR and Partnerships
  • Shaleen Goh
  • Web designer
  • Luis Padrón
  • Head of Blockchain Production
  • Janne Tiainen
  • Senior Consultant
  • Kazuhiro Watanabe
  • Community builder
  • Teng Hao
  • Advisor
  • SŁawek Krulak
  • Advisor
  • Noice Deng
  • Advisor
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Platform Ethereum
AcceptingBTC, ETH
Category Business services , CryptoCurrency
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