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Crypto tokens are risky, but your investment doesn’t have to be. CyberTrust Capital helps clients profit from smart crypto investments. while minimizing risks. Our mission is to bring the transparency, consistency and customer servie you expect from your bank. to the crypto space.

International fast settlements in USD, EUR, CHF. Ability to trade Bitcoin, Ether and most of other top 20 digital assets. Ability to execute execute orders for illiquid positions. Market making operations for selected second and third tier crypto assets. We with all major crypto exchanges and OTC vendors. This allow us to distribute large trade volumes legally and with full transparency. We work only with AML/KYC compliant qualified investors. Our service is only for high volume orders only.


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  • Evgeny Xata
  • CEO
  • Nick Lustiger
  • Head of Institutional Sales
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  • Scott Freeman
  • Head of Trading
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  • Pavel Shelldyaev
  • Full Stack Developer
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  • Evgeniya Gubar
  • Legal Counsel
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  • Parker Fairfield
  • Head of Operations
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  • James Kehagias
  • Web Development Project Manager
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  • Adam Yates
  • Content Production
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  • Kirill Kazakov
  • Project Management
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  • Dan Permyakov
  • Community Development
  • Dan YE
  • Community Manager
  • Kelvin Zheng
  • PR Manager
  • Alan Wu
  • Event Manager
  • Jason HO
  • Operations Manager
  • Axiang Wen
  • Content Manager
  • Art Looi
  • Graphic Designer
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  • Tobias Seidl
  • Advisor
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  • Marat Kichikov
  • Advisor
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Trade Token on Bitcratic


Price 577.2000 USD
Hard cap600,000 CABS
Category Business services , CryptoCurrency , Investment
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