Cube is one of the types of token. And this token has the autonomous vehicles rely on the network communications. And these networks used to increase the risk of cruel attack. By using the blockchain technologies with the AI-based deep learning and quantum hash cryptography the Cube token solves the problem of independent cars’ security.

The Cube token uses the blockchain based platform which allows cars to securely connect to other cars and to networks. And it enhances the security of the application. One of the advantages of the using blockchain is the security. So the cube uses the blockchain technology with quantum hash cryptography and AI–enabled deep learning.


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  • The cube has found many solutions to the problems. Cube reengineers and tweaks the blockchain technology in order to solve the security problems which the autonomous vehicles are facing. And this token has brought some innovative to the table.  This is achieved success by using the blockchain private key identification for filtering the hacked network. The cube has the security layers which are given below:
    • The blockchain layer is the first layer
    • The second layer is the AI layer
    • The third layer includes Quantum Chritography in the cube
    The cube used to solve many problems in safety issues, privacy issues, and centralization issues. The category used for the cube token is privacy and security. The total supply for this token is 120,000.000. The cube uses the single-signature and multi-signature methodologies for securing the data. The company used to redefines the autonomous car.
  • Distribution
  • Token Sales 72,000,000 CUBE 60.00% Pre-sale+Public-sale
    Team 31,560,000 CUBE 26.30% Team
    Company Reserve 16,440,000 CUBE 13.70% Company Reserve


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  • Philip Lee
  • Chief Executive Officer
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  • Dr.Bong H. Lee
  • Chief Operating Officer
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  • Ryan Park
  • Developer
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  • Abraham Boo
  • Business Development
  • Dr. Jae Sung Lee
  • Developer & Medical Doctor
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Category Privacy & Security
Total Supply 120,000,000
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