CRYPTUMCOIN (CRYC) is a secondary project, funded by 5% of the Cryptum ICO. We are developing a new mineable cryptocurrency to use in loyalty and payment system of our future games store and services offered by additional projects we start under the Cryptum brand (for example,it would make a great currency for paid advertisementson awebsite). We will distribute between 10 and 14.96 CRYC for each CRTM token sold (the rate is based on the number of tokens sold) plus additional bonus to top contributors (see CRYC Calculations below) of the theoretical maximum supply of 98.57 million coins, or up to2.65% of the max supply.

Cryptum ICO is a multi-layer investment project with the paramount goal of funding a high-end board game design, development and publishing studio, starting with our first announced title: the strategy crypto mining board game Blockchain: The Cryptocurrency Board Game. We are using Ethereum-based tokens to offer proof-of-ownership access to free games, shared profits from all projects and initial amounts of our future cryptocurrency named Cryptumcoin. While the Cryptum project doesn’t rely on any from on decentralization (quite the opposite, in fact), we are using the Ethereum blockchain to confirm the number of tokens owned, and distribute games,profits (in ETH) or coins to the respective addresses,or to physical or another blockchain addresses, submitted by the address owners

  • Rates and Bonuses
  • Bonus

    18-26 October +5%


  • Name
  • Position
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  • Nikolai Tsekov
  • Core Project Manager
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  • Anton Belev
  • Core Lead Developer
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  • Kiril Venev
  • Core CTO
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  • Grigor Stoichkov
  • Core Technical Advisor & Procurement
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  • Tihomir Terziev
  • (Inistrad Ltd) Board Games Co-designer
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  • Zahary Dimitrov
  • (Contributor) Games 2D Design
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  • Alexandra Pashova
  • (Inistrad Ltd) Board Game Design & Testing
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Token CRTM
Price 10.3652 USD
Platform Ethereum
Minimum investment25 CRTM
Hard cap3,120 ETH
Category Events & Entertainment
Total Supply 156,118

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