Functional and modern terminals on stock exchanges fulfill all the assigned tasks: they output scalable asset schedules, put indicators on them and independently read the required markers of these indicators, automatically create proposals according to the strategies laid down in them, monitor the indicators of the stock exchange and trade deposit, and etc.

CryptoRobotics is a freemium cross-platform desktop trading terminal for computers (macOS and Windows), tablets and smartphones (iOS, Android, Windows mobile) with one-click access and switching between major cryptocurrency exchanges. We make technical and trade analysis instruments similar to the stock market terminals (Quik, Metatrader) available to crypto.


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  • Ilnur Mukhtov
  • CEO
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  • Konstantin Denisenko
  • Head of Development
  • Evgeniya Ron'jina
  • Community Expert
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  • Alina Sattarova
  • Chief Operating Officer
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  • Vadim Galeev
  • Head of Global Engagement
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  • Igor Mesheryakov
  • Backend Developer
  • Darya Sukhorukhova
  • Deputy to Chief Marketing Officer
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  • Olga Denisenko
  • UI / UX Designer
  • Vyacheslav Poskonin
  • Ethereum smart-contracts developer
  • Subodh Srivastava
  • Frontend Developer
  • Maxim Kuryachiy
  • Marketing Team
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  • Andy Shin
  • CTO KChain
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  • Vahe Shahinyan
  • Advisor
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Trade Token on Bitcratic


Platform Ethereum
Category CryptoCurrency
Total Supply 57,600,000
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