We are cryptopus. – IPFS-based, open-source blockchain tech brokerage marketplace where cryptocurrency investors choose inkognito traders based on their result of the job – reputation, history and balance. Trader’s profiles are transparent and their strategies are free-for-all.


Name Position Links
Alexandr RomanovC++, Rust developer. Project leader and producer Add me on LinkedIn
Tural IbadovBloger, vegan, creative director. Add me on LinkedIn
Ivan VishnevskyStyle, brand, PR. Add me on LinkedIn
Alexandr Grebenko Add me on LinkedIn
Alexandr GrebenkoCCO Add me on LinkedIn
Ilya NoskovCTO


Token CPP
Price 1 CPP = 0.25-0.30 USD
Platform Ethereum
Soft cap0 ETH
Hard cap35,000 ETH
CountryBritish Virgin Islands
Category Trading & Investing
Total Supply 4,000,000

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1 thought on “Cryptopus”

  1. Alexander says:

    Hello, it’s cryptopus Team
    we want to please you to change information about our ICO:
    ICO start 26.02.2018 00:00 UTC +12; end 01.04.2018 23:59 UTC -12
    Team (+right positions)
    Country – Panama
    financial (ICO token price 0,0008-0,001 ETH; Accepting BTC, ETH; ICO bonus 10-20% discount; tokens for sale on ico=35,000,000)
    Milestones ( addition 2018: launch on the market, conclusion token to the exchange, working with fiat;
    2019: own ETH+CPP wallet plugged in the platform, collaboration with exchanges, Cryptopus API become official license for the asset managers,
    2020: developing own exchange, launching of the hedge fund)
    KYC & Whitelist (Join in the whitelist allows you to reserve a discount)

    Cryptopus Team

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