CryptoFlix is a state-of-the-art movie streaming and film funding platform that is developed using cutting-edge Blockchain technology. CryptoFlix is the first media company in the world, who offers free online content with educational purposes via films and TV to everyone, regardless of their location, origin, or socio-economic status. The objective behind the CryptoFlix is facilitating users to stream movies legally by making it cheaper than downloading pirated versions.  CRYPTOFLIX will pledge 1% of all revenue on the platform to re-purchase FLIX Tokens. This is due to thefact that FLIX is a utility token and the platform users need to be able to always access these.

The benefits of the FLIX Token holders are:

  • Users will receive a discount when using FLIX Tokens to pay for content on the CryptoFlix platform.
  • CryptoFlix token holder will have theopportunity to finance the film project as per their budget and generate a risk dependent return from successful projects.

  • Distribution
  • 100 million FLIX Tokens are available for distribution. 57 million FLIX Tokens are available to contributors. 23 million FLIX Tokens are dedicated to the team, advisors, bounties, etc. Finally, there is a 20 million FLIX Token fund to support the business and to serve as a preliminary reserve. The core team and advisor tokens will be vested for 12 months with a 3-month cliff. Bounty tokens will NOT be vested.


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  • Position
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  • Christian Falkenberg Husum
  • Founder, CEO and producer
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  • Stefan Steen Larsen
  • COO and Digital Rights Expert
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  • Bastian Noreen Larsen
  • Full Stack Developer
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  • Gabriela Y. Rios
  • Marketing Manager
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  • George Thomas
  • Blockchain Developer
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  • Manmeet Singh
  • Strategic Advisor, Asia
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  • Francisco Javier Pérez Rodríguez
  • Educational Content Ambassador
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Token FLIX
Price 1 FLIX = 0.0004 ETH
Bounty Available
Platform Ethereum
Minimum investment0.1 ETH
Soft cap2000 ETH
Hard cap 22800 ETH
Category Education , Events & Entertainment
Total Supply 57,000,000 FLIX
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