CryptoAngle is an ArtificialIntelligence or Virtual life supporter based on powerful AI models. And this token is working on an individual input and output the best and right models which suit the particular user needs. This token is available in the form of ANGEL. And this token is designed to enhance decision-making process and human intelligence. The Alexa, Imagine Cortana and Siri are more scalable, powerful and intelligent. The CryptoAngle ecosystem is the blockchain based where the developers can upload their models for processing and training in a decentralized manner.

The project type of Token comes under the category of Artificial Intelligence and Crypto Currency. And this token is available in the location of Serbia. The present price rate is 0.001ETH. The platform used for this Token system is Ethereum. This token will be acceptable in the form of ETH. The value of the Soft Cap is 15000000 and Hard Cap is 70000000.

The goal of this token is to have one central intelligent model called the Master-Mind. The CryptoAngle token hasa mobile app where the people can set their personal goal and the Master-Ming will suggest you the right options for reaching your goal. This token is a benefit for all the parties and developers. And they will be rewarded based on the performance of the model. The end users will pay Angel for the model which achieves their goal. This CryptoAngletoken is possible to become one of the most powerful AI virtual guides. This guide will be abletounderstand your problems and forecast your intentions.
Rates and Bonuses

Token info

Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Price in ICO 0.001 ETH


Bonus tokens will be available during the ICO The first 30% of the crowdsale cap (0 - 27.300.000) will get 30% bonus, the next 30-45% of the crowdsale cap (27.300.000 - 39.900.000) will get 20% bonus, the next 45-60% of the crowdsale cap (39.900.000-51.450.000) will get 10% bonus
Tokens for sale 70,000,000

Investment info

Accepting ETH
Distributed in ICO 79,5%
Soft cap 15000000
Hard cap 70000000


Name Position Links
VLADAN PODANINCo-founder and Infrastructure Lead Add me on LinkedIn
STEFAN JOVANOVICCo-founder and Full-stack Engineer Add me on LinkedIn
MARJAN JANKOVICLead Engineer Add me on LinkedIn
DIMITAR ANASTASOVSKIBlockchain and AI Developer Add me on LinkedIn
PETAR KORDAAI developer Add me on LinkedIn
JAMES SOWERSBlockchain Advisor Add me on LinkedIn
NIKOLA COSOVICRecruiter Consultant Add me on LinkedIn
MILAN BLANUSAMarketing Advisor Add me on LinkedIn
RATKO KUPRESAKFinancial Advisor Add me on LinkedIn
ZORAN SREJICLegal Advisor Add me on LinkedIn


Price 0.001 ETH
Platform Ethereum
Soft cap15000000
Hard cap70000000
Category Artificial Intelligence , CryptoCurrency

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