The CryptalDash Exchange enables cross-market views and execution. You can trade within our exchange or via integrated 3rd party exchanges. Trading at CryptalDash means you always get the best price. The blockchain ecosystem is busy developing applications that will replace and complement traditional banking products, such as Cryptocurrency payment systems, wallets, centralized/decentralized/hybrid exchanges, peer-to-peer lending, money transfer services, and a variety of applications that are expected to disrupt the current financial services environment. Such applications are supported by a framework based on the decentralized ledger technology, which enables a wide reach in an un-censorable environment.


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  • Amine Larhrib
  • Founder and Managing Director
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  • Jack FitzGerald
  • Chief Marketing Officer
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  • Duncan Symmons
  • Chief Engineering
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  • Pieter Jan Bakhuijzen
  • Network expert and Security Advisory
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  • Ruell Magpayo
  • Trading System Engineer
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  • Ruel Mindo
  • Lead Full Stack Developer
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  • Ninebeth Padojinog
  • Business Analyst
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  • Hani Benyahya
  • CFTe: OTC Desk Trading Advisory
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  • Iain Bell
  • Trading Automation Architecture
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Token CRD
PreICO Price0.0400 USD
Platform Ethereum
Category CryptoCurrency
Total Supply 780,000,000
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