The CryoGen Initial Coin Offering generates CRYO, their utility token. With the help of these tokens, users can gain access not only to their current services but also to the future services. CryoGen is known for its latest technology and professional experience of 12 years. CYYo is basically a utility token, and users can buy it in CryoStore.

Their chief aim is to reward people with possibilities for extending their lives with the help of the latest technologies like cryonics. Very little of current research funds, as well as scientific resources, is dedicated to cryonics technology’s study.

The CryoGen platform intends to grab the attention of the scientific community of the world so that they take an interest in their technology. Through these activities, research and different studies will increase in this beneficial field. The technology is entirely safe as well as secure.

The output that they will get for their work will be used for bettering the lives of people. This ICO website has the potential of dramatically improving the quality of life and lifespan of individuals from all parts of the world. Crowd investing will raise funds through token sales. Along with that, it will be much more efficient than traditional methods or cycles of investment.

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Token CRYO
Price 1 CRYO = 1 USD
Platform Ethereum
Soft cap100,000,000
Country Russia
Category Drugs & Healthcare
Total Supply 100,000,000
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