Conventional crowdfunding platforms force your campaigns to undergo high payment transaction fees. A Kickstarter campaign creator for example, would on average have to pay up to 9% of the amount raised to Kickstarter after including the transfer fees (3-5%) and listing fees (5%). On our platform, there are absolutely no listing fees and our transfer fees are only 1%. We have by far the lowest fees in the crowdfunding industry. This fact alone will give us a huge competitive

The goal of CrowdCryptoFund is to become the number one crowdfunding platform for anyone who needs crowdfunding for their projects in any currency. The CrowdCrypto Coin is directly connected to the future profitably of our platform. We are committed to ensuring that CrowdCryptoFund becomes a well-known name in the crowdfunding industry and this commitment will be directly reflected in the profitability of our coin as we list our coin on multiple online cryptocurrency exchanges in the coming months.


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  • Marlon Dexter
  • Chief Executive Officer and Founder
  • Jason Kim
  • Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder
  • Arron Simmons
  • Software Developer
  • Brent Richards
  • Senior Software Developer
  • James Felix
  • Marketing Manager
  • Selina Li
  • User Interface Developer
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