Crosspays is known to be world’s first decentralized; self-regulating social network that covers almost all international as well as local B2C, B2B, and C2C market related to goods and services. After completing the ICO, you can use CPS tokens for trade and tokens. It can be done at different crypto currency exchanges. Crosspays is going to notify you through email or your personal account. This platform will also publish the exchanges list and other required information. It will be available at the official website For example, if you buy 100 CPS in the very first week, you’ll receive 135 CPS tokens. Now let’s check out how they calculate the percentage of CPS tokens.

First of all, the percentage of CPS tokens will depend on the purchase date and at this stage, this rule is for all the participants.
  • For example, from May 14th to May 20th the percentage will be 35%.
  • From May 21st to May 27th the percentage will be 30%.
  • From May 29th to June 3rd, that is on the third week the percentage will be 25%.
  • From June 4th to June 10th the percentage will be 20%.
  • From June 11th to June 17th the percentage will be 15%.
  • From June 18th to June 24th the percentage will be 10%.
Rates and Bonuses
+ % of CPS tokens for all participants at this stage, depending on the date of purchase:rnFirst week: May 14 - May 20 + 35%rnSecond week: May 21 - May 27 + 30%rnThe third week: May 29 - June 3 + 25%rnFourth week: June 4 - June 10 + 20%rnFifth week: June 11 - June 17 + 15%rnThe sixth week: June 18 - June 24 + 10%
when buying 100 CPS tokens in the first week, you receive: 100 + 35 = 135 CPS


Name Position Links
Aleksandr YaroshevichTechnical Director Add me on LinkedIn Like me on Facebook
Vladislav ZinovievStrategic Planning, the Headmaster
Anton GaidashevArt Director Like me on Facebook
Wang HongyunChief financial officer
Kirill MolevPR Department Add me on LinkedIn Like me on Facebook
Vyacheslav Chernov-BakMobile Application Add me on LinkedIn
Aleksei TereshkovIT Director Add me on LinkedIn
Yaroslav MoshkovOperating Director Add me on LinkedIn Like me on Facebook
Aleksei ZhavoronkovThe Leading Developer
Pavel ChakryanUI / UX Designer Like me on Facebook
Yury VolokhovBlockchain Developer Add me on LinkedIn Like me on Facebook
Miran BodrovData Architect Like me on Facebook


Token CPS
PreICO Price1 CPS = $ 0.50
Platform Ethereum
AcceptingBTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, ZEC
Minimum investment30 USD
Hard cap250 million
Category Social Network
Total Supply 150,000,000

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