The Cottage project offers the opportunity to BUY and RENT real estate built by SAIS BVBA, including custom-made in the territory of the European Union, for CRYPTOCURRENCY, and at the same time to reduce transaction costs for the implementation of the facilities. The ICO participants of the project get the opportunity to INVEST in the real estate with digital assets, regardless of the volume of investment and the jurisdiction of the investor himself.


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  • Radik Sadei
  • Founder
  • Bram Steelandt
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  • Eli Declercq
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  • Svetlana Isakhanyan
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  • Pavel Kavalchuk
  • Vladimir​ ​Andronov
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  • Nikolay​ ​Zabashtanskiy
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  • Vitaly Stetsyuk
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  • Aleksandr Naumov
  • Blockchain programmer
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Token CTG
Price 1 ETH = 600 CTG
Platform Ethereum
Soft cap 2000000 CTG
Category Infrastructure
Total Supply 141,000,000
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