COR Utility Token (COR)

A community of collaborators and ideas is the CorCom Matrix. The resources of digital economics are provided, and it helps to overcome common hurdles like costs of startups, legal fees and also development collaboration. COR is the utility token of the core component matrix and is used for trading in the CorCom platform.  In the CorCom ecosystem, you can use COR tokens for buying services as well as goods.

Apart from being used for purchasing services and goods, the COR tokens can be utilized in several other ways as well. Purchase of individual digital token and investment of personal ICO can also be made with the help of these COR tokens. In the core component matrix, the incentive mechanism is also COR. COR tokens are generated while rewarding value creation verified by consensus in valent mining. A core component matrix is a place for both laborers and innovators for value creation with incentive. A new project or idea gets the frictionless entry in this platform. The participation process is entirely safe, the methods are fair, and there are exciting rewards as well. They encourage utilization of external collaboration tools, and notions are open for contribution, addition, growth, and forking. The COR tokens that you purchase can also be used in trading.

Trade Token on Bitcratic


Price 1 COR = 0.02 ETH
Category Data Analytics
Total Supply10,000,000

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