Coinhealth (Coinhealth)

CoinHealth is a platform where access to healthcare is reinvented. This account can be accessed with a validity of lifetime.

CoinHealth is entirely similar to cash. You can manage it in the same way you use cash. Payment can be made directly with the help of CoinHealth apps available online for mobile users. The mobile platform of CoinHealth gives freedom to both provider and patient. Both can get secure and instant access to medical data, that is, medical details, such as verification, records and also solutions for payment. This excellent platform was primarily designed for the mobile users. Before developing they keep in mind the operating systems of the current smartphones such as Android, IOS.

How CoinHealth rewards people?

CoinHealth will reward you just for being healthy. Rewards are in the form of biometric wearables and handheld devices. Start investing in your fitness by maintaining good food habits, exercising in the gym, and losing weight in case of obesity, making purchases that will benefit your health, maintaining a healthy mouth and visiting the dentist for that purpose. Also, keep going to your doctor for getting routine checkups done.

So, the main aim of CoinHealth is to reinvent how people make investments in their healthcare and to reward them for that.

Trade Token on Bitcratic


Token CoinHealth
Price 1 CH = 0.05 - 0.95 USD
Platform Waves
AcceptingBTC, ETH, WAVES, DASH, LTC, Fiat
Soft cap6,000,000 CoinHealth
Hard cap305,000,000 CoinHealth
Category Infrastructure
Total Supply 500,000,001

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