Coin Mine Australia is a leading Australian owned and operated physical cryptocurrency mining operation located in Perth, Western Australia. Participants in the Coin Mine Australia Token Generation Event (TGE) will obtain Ethereum based CMATM Tokens that will represent their participation in Coin Mine Australia. We are creating Australia’s first and largest crowd funded crypto mining operation using a proprietary algorithm to switch and mine the most profitable coins. By locating operations in Australia, participants benefit from low levels of sovereign risk, high standards of corporate governance as well as TGE/ICO friendly regulation, all of which are in direct contrast to mining operations in many other jurisdictions. Furthermore, token holders will benefit from the stability of Australia’s commercial electricity contract pricing and increasing availability of renewables which further lower the levels of risk in the operation.


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  • Aaron Darr BCompSc
  • CTO & Co-Founder
  • Kelvin Daley
  • CEO & Co-Founder
  • Jack Penkin
  • CFO
  • Adam Fitzgerald
  • Business Development
  • Shironi De Silva
  • Legal
  • Peter Gillmore
  • BEng Engineering
  • Michelle Gilmore
  • Marketing
  • Kelley Davies
  • Operations
  • Darran Price
  • QA/QC
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Platform Ethereum
Category CryptoCurrency
Total Supply 120,000,000
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