Cognida’s Service Interfaces secure digital assets on the network, enabling enterprise IT administrators to enforce their security policies and establish trusted connected relationships, owning and controlling their data, even when sharing with service providers and third parties.


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  • Michael Hathaway
  • Co-Founder, CEO Windmill Enterprise
  • Bing Byington
  • Co-Founder, Executive Chairman Windmill Enterprise
  • Wayne Lawler
  • Founding Partner, Advisor Windmill Enterprise
  • Frank Fernandez
  • Partner, Advisor Windmill Enterprise
  • Josh Jones
  • Chief Marketing Officer Windmill Enterprise
  • Shari Joseph
  • Chief Financial Officer Windmill Enterprise
  • John Burruss
  • Director of Customer Engagement Windmill Enterprise
  • Dustin Byington
  • President, Wanchain
  • Steve Sprague
  • CEO, Founder Rivetz
  • Oliver Birch
  • Vice President Wanchain

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