COB Circle is the world first Smart-Consumer Platform whereby all consumer may now earn more than what they have spend. The concept was develop from Consumer-Investor concept, thus all Consumer after purchasing in whichever outlet, just scan the receipt with comment and you will be paid COB Token as bounty reward. COB Circle will be represent to trade the Smart-Consumer knowledge for profit and then invest it to secure investment manage by reliable investment company. 100% of the profit investment will be pay to all token holders. Our target to transform all Consumer On Business to make everyone to have more sustainable living.

  • Details
    • Token : Equity Token,
    • Token : Equity Token,
    • Benefit : We pay 100% investment profit to all token holders,
    • Benefit : We pay 100% investment profit to all token holders, </pli
    • Total Token : 500,000,000,
    • COB Token address : 0x0Cb04783732bCFd6c5D44c166d71D97a50a257E5,
    • ICO raise fund for 30 days - 10/1 - 10/2,
    • Price for this 30 days = USD0.50
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9 days 15 hours left

2019-01-10 | 2019-03-31
Token COB
Price $0.5
Soft cap$1,000,000
Hard cap$20,000,000
Category Investment

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