Clickabletv gives exciting offers for its customer. Now the customer can pay as per the use. They can pay through tokens available in the coin market along with other payment methods. They can also redeem the rebates and discounts through token payment. It is the most accessible form of payment. All the transaction and services can be availed without hassle through this method.

Cable and satellite is the primary medium of the telecasts in this TV. This mobile platform for watching TV is indeed a unique idea. There is a huge requirement for Clickable TV in United Nations. In United Nations, almost 100 million households are using this service. The company wants the viewers to give the memorable moment of availing token sale. It is indeed a good initiative.

The company aims to assist more people across the world. This company already has a partner in India to spread the business here. They are trying their best to grab the Indian market and reach to the 170 million households who have a TV in their home. This partner of the company is a Abu Dhabi based company who is trying to cover 13 Asian countries with their connection. This company also holds a good position in the Icos list.


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  • Position
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  • Michael Kokernak
  • President
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  • Beth Poss
  • Video Editor
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  • Lia Rodriquez
  • Graphics Designer
  • Arfater Rahman
  • Lead Developer
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  • Abdul Kader
  • Software Developer
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  • Shokater Rahman
  • Database Specialist
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Token CTV
Price 1ETH = 1,000 CTV
Platform Ethereum
Hard cap 27,500,000 USD
Category Commerce & Advertising
Total Supply 30,000,000

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