Chain ID is a platform that allows users to keep their diplomas, certificates, licenses, memberships and similar documents in blockchain. The platform will allow organizations, currently issuing such credentials on paper, simultaneously issue them as a blockchain record. A Chain ID user will be able to present their credentials for online verification, but unable to add false certificates. Students, job seekers, and many others will use Chain ID to present their credentials online, without the need to send paper based documents via snail mail.

ALL of us are used to carrying around pieces of paper which tell about our achievements in life. Be it certificates for passing a certain examination or licenses for carrying out a particular business. These certificates and licenses signal the achievements and abilities which make them eligible for specific jobs. Given the importance of these documents, the way we handle them currently is archaic. Most of the certificates are paper-based which need to be carried around in person. If you need to present it to any authority, you need to get it notarised which is a cumbersome process in itself. The need for notarization is to ensure that fake certificates are not produced, but the way public notary services are designed hardly ensure authenticity. And if you are required to share your certificates with somebody else over the Internet, it’s a nightmare. The main problem with sharing of certificates is that people have huge incentives to fake certificates and signal achievements which they have not accomplished. Blockchain technology is an ideal solution for such situations where the system needs to be censorship resistant and reliable without the need for parties to trust each other. With ChainID, we envisage a world where sharing certificates which are reliably authentic is as easy as sharing a file.
Rates and Bonuses

Token info

Token CID
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Price in ICO 1 CID = 0.001 ETH
Tokens for sale 7,000,000

Investment info

Accepting ETH
Distributed in ICO 70%


Name Position Links
Ruslan BugorskyCEO Add me on LinkedIn
Ruslan RyaboshtanAlgorithm Developer Add me on LinkedIn
Vipul PatelDeveloper Add me on LinkedIn
Luka PregeljLegal And Business Consultant Lex Lucas Consulting Add me on LinkedIn
Andrey VoronkovAdviser SONM Add me on LinkedIn


Token CID
Price 1 CID = 0.001 ETH
Platform Ethereum
CountryBritish Virgin Islands
Restricted areas China, USA, Canada
Category Business services , Education , Legal , Travel & Tourisim

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