CFun is a brand new social networking platform that combines creativity and blockchain technology and connects creators, fans, and readers from around the world. CFun China has operated a language cosplay app for three years, and language cosplay is the predecessor of CFun. In the language cosplay platform, users can complete the creation of novels and screenplays through chatting, forwarding, and voting, and they can also evaluate each other’s works. In the process of operating language games, CFun began to explore how to build a platform that can connect fans who are scattered all over the world while making more use of the talent of creators and protecting the interests of the authors. During the continuous learning process, the CFun team discovered blockchain technology.


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  • Dennis Jia
  • CEO
  • Paul Hua
  • VP
  • Kevin Lv
  • Product Partner
  • Chi Zhang
  • Technical Adviser
  • Chen Qingyue
  • Project Adviser
  • Zhang Chi
  • Project Adviser
  • Patrick Dai
  • Investor and Project Advisor
Trade Token on Bitcratic


Platform Qtum
Category Events & Entertainment
Total Supply 500,000,000

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