CoinForAll (CFA)Coin is a utility coin built on its own blockchain based on Bitcoin Core, developed with a specific purpose of usage by Africa’s 1.2 billion petrol users and to help further advance the field of crypto-currency in Africa . Also Its a scrypt mineable hybrid Digital Currency payment token that enables user’s purchase petrol and gas plus order goods and services at a low price in Africa, with a proof of stake based on a projected earning of 7% per annum on holdings of Coin.

CFAcoin’s aim is to offer a payment solution to purchasing petroleum/gas products and make financial access more affordable and available to locals by providing a digital decentralized payment system.

CFACoin Unique ICO Model
This model presents a distinctively unique sale opportunity in comparison to past and existing ICO Token sale models. Investors will have limited coin lock-in periods and are able to perform inter-wallet transfers. Only 2% of members total purchased coins during each phase will be released to members wallets; the airdrop/bounty coins and remaining balance will be locked up and will only be released after the ICO. However, from phase 2, investors may independently sell coins in their wallets to other investors within the CFA ecosystem; this only includes coins purchased from previous phases to other investors, airdrop/bounty coins are excluded. This inter-wallet transfers are only possible once all the coins on offer from CFA during each phase have been sold out. The table below summarizes CFAs unique ICO model

Airdrop/Bounty Programs
3% of the total pre-mined coins is schedule to be given out for free and has commenced and still ongoing through our airdrop/bounty program. As part of the CFA airdrop/bounty program, anyone who signs up on the CFACoins airdrop program will receive 10 free CFA coins, and also get 5 CFACoins for referring others, which are estimated to be worth $20 and $10 respectively after the ICO at CFACoin listing price on the exchange.

For consumers, CFA opens the benefits of financial inclusion and grants access to a series of financial services, such as, direct money transfers and purchases. CFA is not just a commercial project, it is also a regional mission, aimed at giving people access to petroleum/gas products, changing their lives in the process. CFA coin holders who are interested in purchasing petroleum products, will be able to place orders on the CFA website and receive vouchers confirming the purchases. These vouchers can be exchanged for petroleum products at any of the partner forecourt retailers. In addition, CFA coin holders will qualify for a special discount of 10.5% on petroleum products at partner forecourts retailers. However, discount figures are not fixed and may change subject to market dynamics such as supply and demand

As part of our strategy, we seek to secure and maintain key partnership to grow the CFA coin ecosystem. Therefore, we will continue to initiate, expand and strengthen partnerships across various industries “and” partner on initiatives to adopt CFA coin as a method of payment.

CFA has already secured partnerships with major forecourt retail entities in Nigeria, a key market in the SSA region. These retailers have agreed to accept the CFA coin as a method of payment for the purchase of petroleum/gas products. Partnerships with retailers of other products are also being explored.
The acceptance of the CFA coin also offers all these retailers access to a large audience of cryptocurrency holders; and, since cryptocurrencies and coins are somewhat limited in their use, there will be a guaranteed customer base that will seek to exchange them for these products. Further partnerships and endorsement are being explored in other Sub-Sahara Africa countries such as Ghana, South Africa, Uganda, Angola, and Kenya.

  • Rates and Bonuses
  • pre -ICO -$0.7rnMain ICOrnStage 1; $1rnStage 2: $1.2rnStage 3: 1.5rnrn2% Release at purchased which is tradable wallet to Wallet while ICO is ongoing.


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  • Faith C. Titus
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  • Ojuederie Doris
  • CMO
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  • John Scott
  • Chief Technical Officer/Programmer
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Token CFA
PreICO Price0.7
Price $1
Bounty 10
Platform Bitcoin
AcceptingBTC, ETH, LTC
Minimum investment100 CFA
Soft cap1,050,000 USD
Hard cap2,100,000USD
Restricted areas All ICO restricted Countries, ie US
Category CryptoCurrency
Total Supply 7,000 000
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3 thoughts on “CFACOIN”

  1. Linda Uzowei says:

    I will vote for CFA any time, any day. This is our own coin! CFA has come to stay!! From all indications, it is obvious that the developers and owners of CFA have the interest of the populace at heart. This is the first of its kind – specifically targeted at the core areas that meet our needs. LONG LIVE CFA!!!

  2. Ben Igwebuike says:

    Coin for all-Africans. I love that. This is the time for Africans to take positions in this growing stage of developing digital currency before the oyibos will take over so i love CFA.

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