The CertiK platform is envisaged to be a formal verification framework for building fully trustworthy smart contacts and blockchain ecosystems. Different from the traditional testing approaches to detect bugs, the CertiK platform attempts to mathematically prove that blockchain ecosystems are bug-free. The Foundation has developed modular verification techniques to decompose such an otherwise prohibitive proof task into smaller ones that can be automatically solved in a decentralized style. These proof objects can be built and encoded in the CertiK platform’s transactions and will then be validated by other participants. Thus, the CertiK platform’s blockchain is intended to work as certificates to exhibit the end-to-end correctness and security of the verified smart contracts, libraries of decentralized applications (DApp), and the implementations of the blockchain itself.


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  • Ronghui Gu
  • Zhong Shao
  • Vilhelm Sjöberg
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Token CTK
Platform Ethereum
Whitelist/KYCWhitelist & KYC
Restricted areas China, USA
Category CryptoCurrency
Total Supply 100,000,000
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