Cargox is a technology-based company which is ready to introduce a new kind of bill to avoid the hassle related to the paper handling. They are very much eager to transform the shipping industry of the world by introducing blockchain technology to maintain the documents in a proper way which is very much crucial for export and import.

The aim of Cargox is to stop the container system in the shipping industry and to create protocols and utility tools which are necessary for any exchange related to the ownership of shipment in the industry of logistics. They want to erase the hassle of paperwork in case of claiming cargo which is not secured. They want to use a technology which can be transferred instantly, able to store the information and most importantly which is cheaper than any other technology.

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  • Cargox is planning to contact some importers, involved parties, freight forwarders and producers in a systematic way so that they can provide an excellent service. By using this technology, they can save time and money with a high guarantee of security. The company is assuring the traceability, top safety and transparency to its customers. It will be beneficial for any company to try this modern technology.


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  • Stefan Kukman
  • Founder & CEO
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  • Primož Kopač
  • COO
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  • Gašper Šetinc
  • Product Manager
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  • Janez Kranjc
  • Blockchain Developer
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  • Primoz Mavsar
  • Designer
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  • Jaka Mele
  • Marketing & PR
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  • Jure Tomc, MBA
  • Business Developer
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  • Una Softic
  • Community Manager
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  • Peter Selekar
  • Digital Advertising
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  • Peter Merc
  • Legal (Lemur Legal)
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Token CXO
Price 1 ETH = 10,000 CXO
Platform Ethereum
Soft cap 1,500,000 USD
Hard cap 7,000,000 USD
Category Business services
Total Supply 7,000,000
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