CAPVERTO Exchange is a digital currency, based on a versatile utility token that greatly extends the basic advantages of cryptocurrency through a design directly addressing the needs of populations most frequently excluded from banking. It delivers a multifaceted bank-like experience, centered on a prepaid card, that is as easy to use as logging onto a fast, well-designed website. At the same time, the pivotal CAPVERTO Token (CAP) at its core supports advanced features such as a cash back system, peer-to-peer (P2P) monetary exchange, a digital currency trading platform, and an innovative cryptocurrency insurance product. In the course of normal use, all of these features influence the underlying value of the CAP, distinguishing it a uniquely flexible amenity for the unbanked and underbanked.

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  • Inclusive banking systems are engines of economic growth and poverty reduction. Without access to the full spectrum of banking services, unbanked populations must resort to outlets like microcredit networks and payday lenders to fulfill their financial needs, despite the high interest rates, steep fees and limited overall flexibility of such options. The unbanked need fairer, more flexible alternatives. Cryptocurrencies hold considerable promise in these respects. They do not require the complex infrastructure and  bureaucracy of traditionally centralized finance, nor do participants in their ICOs need to possess extensive financial histories or travel in person to any branch offices – both common barriers for unbanked individuals. Participation is often as straightforward as passing a few security verifications to open an online account, and it comes with the central benefit of fewer and lower transaction fees. To date, digital currencies have gained traction by decentralizing and simplifying the financial tasks that once passed exclusively through traditional institutions and, in the case of payment card use, were costly because they required multiple parties to process. However, these projects have not yet specifically targeted the needs of the unbanked/underbanked. CAPVERTO Exchange is offering an ICO targeting the unbanked/underbanked, ensuring they have opportunities to harness the unique benefits of cryptocurrency. It bridges the worlds of fiat money and cryptocurrency by combining an international prepaid card program linked to innovative banking and trading features centered on the CAP utility token. All CAPVERTO Exchange features influence the value of CAP, meaning its price is a reflection of productive activities rather than uninformed speculation. Assets within CAPVERTO Exchange may also be protected with cryptocurrency insurance.


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  • Martin Horsfeldt Mathiassen
  • CEO & Co-founder
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  • René Fürster Simonsen
  • CTO & Co-founder
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  • Rene Meldgaard
  • CIO & Co-founder
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  • Jesper Andersen
  • Consultant
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  • Anastasiya Voronina
  • IT Project Manager
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  • Sebastian Bucur
  • Business Developer
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  • Andrey Bondarenko
  • Senior Developer
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  • Tatiana Gryaznova
  • Software QA Specialist
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  • Vitaliy Akinshin
  • Senior front-end developer
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  • Nikita Maximov
  • Front-end developer
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  • Vladislav Ivanov
  • Developer
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  • Artem Glukhov
  • Senior Cloud Architect
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  • Kim Herløv
  • Advisor
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  • Alex Cox
  • Senior Writer
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  • Gray Bouchard
  • Project Manager
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  • Wesley Garner
  • Content Marketing Strategist
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  • Amy Oughton
  • Senior Business Partner
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  • Luis Frank Nergaard Klixbull
  • Affiliate Manager
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  • André Simonsen
  • Affiliate Manager
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  • Naviin Kapoor
  • Advisor
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  • Carlo Buonpane
  • Advisor
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Token CAP
PreICO Price1 CAP = 1.66 USD
Price 1 CAP = 2.66 USD
Bounty Available
Platform Ethereum
Minimum investment30 USD
Soft cap6200000 USD
Hard cap20000000 USD
Whitelist/KYCKYC & Whitelist
Category Banking , CryptoCurrency , Infrastructure , Investment
Total Supply 171,375,000
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