Bulleon is one of the popular digital asset services in the market. It is developed the Ethereum platform. It is universal digital asset platform that helps to build the strong currency. It offers the profit considerably snapiers and the users can also take the huge benefit of the platform. It accepts the ETH payment mode. The starting of the Bulleon token is January 2018 and ends on December 2018.

The Bulleon Company is located in Finland. The  Bulleon token  is trading and investing category. It offers user-friendly tools that help to navigate the crypto comfortably. The users only focus on their business and not the technical problems of the platform. It offers the customer support service so you can contact the expert at any time and get the right solution for the technical issues.

The current value of the Bulleon  live token sales and ICOs during 1 BLN is 0.3 USD. The platform is specially designed to serve the common asset regarding the e-services, commercial and others. With the Bulleon, you can earn money and it offers the favorable terms to the users that make the profit.

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  • The Bulleon tokens provide the best solution for e-services related issues. The purposes of the Bulleon products are offering the end users with the regular digital asset regarding services from the one place. For the user’s convenience, they create the investing platform where the customers are placing orders are faster as well as simple. The users always are informed of changes to the current cryptocurrency market.


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  • Vitaly Chizhov
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  • Arina Golubeva
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  • Alex Golubev
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  • Anita Volk
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Token BLN
Price 1 BLN = 0.3 USD
Platform Ethereum
Hard cap1060009 ETH
Category Trading & Investing
Total Supply 9,120,000
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