BUILDCoin, in ICO website, is the first and only digital currency in the world that has been built primarily for the industry of construction. It is basically a Smartphone app that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. BUILD1x has been introduced for serving commercial builders, home builders, product manufacturers, construction workers, contractors, architects, companies, and engineers that work in construction industry. The cryptocurrency that will be acceptable in the construction industry is BUILDCoin.

The B1x Fund

The first loan system in the construction industry powered by crypto is the B1x. Homeowners, builders or any individual investing in a construction project are free to apply for funding and receive funding at a surprising interest rate of zero percent. Distribution of the loans is done in BUILDCoin.

The B1x Gen

For allowing funding, three-way contracts are created that are legally bound by the B1x Gen. The three parties involved are homeowners/builders, BUILD1x, and contractors. Real-world assets back these contracts. Funds are allocated and coordinated by the B1x Gen for supporting the project.


BUILDCoin, in coin market, is digital money. These tokens can be used in the exchange of labor, materials, and equipment in the BUILD1x zone. It will create a trustless obligations network.


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  • Trac Stephenson
  • Founder
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  • Mil Younkers
  • Builder Relations
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  • Mark Hoyt
  • CTO
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  • Dionna Bailey
  • Public Relations
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  • Liz Kaufman
  • Director of Marketing
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  • Barb Franke
  • Marketing
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  • Ian Smith
  • Marketing
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  • Luke Callaway
  • Marketing
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  • Jessica Hoyt
  • Legal/Regulations/Business
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  • Doug Daniels
  • Advisor
  • Scott Moberg
  • Advisor
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  • Brett Buescher
  • Advisor
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Token B1x
Price 1 B1x = 1.05 uSD
Platform Ethereum
Hard cap 500,000,000 B1x
Category Business services
Total Supply 100,000,000
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