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The Token Sale has as its focus the rebuilding of Budbo in the image of the blockchain. It adds a layer of transparency and security in the preexisting cannabis industry – something that is quintessential in the modern world.

With the adoption of this secured blockchain model, the Budbo application will be allowed to deliver a steady modular code for working and also a sandbox environment that minimizes the time required for development, investment, and infrastructure.

It is available in the cloud and dispensaries. It can be freely experimented without paying additional charges for infrastructure.

Benefits of the blockchain and its use

Blockchain technology is the best tool that can be employed by governments, industries, and businesses. The transactions will be made immediately and will also be verified. It will not only save money but also reduce chances of fraudulent activities.

What will be left is a transparent, more open and verifiable platform that will revolutionize how couriers, users, and dispensaries interact for the exchange of assets and value, for enforcing contracts and sharing data across several channels. So, the possibilities created by this Budbo application with the help of blockchain technology will be limitless. Growth, social interaction, instant payment, and efficient supply are some of the positive outcomes of the platform.


Name Position Links
Rick BurnettCEO
Luke PattersonPresident, Co-Founder
Jacob PattersonCTO, Co-Founder
Gary HeitzCRO, Co-Founder
Nick HeldrethCMO, Co-Founder
Divyashish JindalBlockchain Engineer
Ihor PidruchnyBlockchain Engineer
Prateek DimriBusiness Analyst
Blake KrohnVP of Engineering
Mason BurnettBlockchain Information Systems
Andrew RiveraDirector of Communications
David LevyCanada Operations
Shaun PattersonBrand Ambassador
Chase CameronAccount Executive
Leland PriceAccount Executive
Alex WilliamsAccount Executive
Tom ReidAccount Executive


Token BUBO
Price 1 BUBO = 0.35 USD
Platform Ethereum
Accepting ETH, BTC
Hard cap 150,000,000 BUBO
Country British Virgin Islands
Category Communications
Total Supply 150,000,000

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