Based in Heidelberg – Germany, Brisk Pass GmbH was founded in 2015. The company’s main focus was to develop state of the art public transport transaction frontend/backend software system built for the future needs. The idea evolved significantly after the introduction of the blockchain technology and the smart contracts and we decided to work on redefining the way people will pay for transportation. Now our vision is to introduce affordable, singular & global platform for using public transit. We have worked closely with our partners in the transportation industry and successfully tested beta version of Brisk Pass. We are ready to make Brisk Pass the world’s first choice of payment method for commuting and truly decentralizing transportation.


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  • Frank Mühlhäuser
  • CEO
  • Marcus Herzig
  • CTO
  • Project Execution Manager
  • Peter Fritzsche
  • Lead IT Operation Manager
  • Peter Lange
  • Lead Backend Developer
  • Marc Oppel
  • Lead Mobile App Developer
  • Chris Schöne
  • Blockchain Developer
  • Michael Kipshagen
  • Business Development Manager
  • Julia Fritzsche
  • PR & Marketing Manager
  • Robert Nisbet
  • Sales Manager
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Platform Ethereum
Category CryptoCurrency
Total Supply 70,000,000,000