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BlockMesh, in ICO Initial Coin Offering list, is the latest software company. It has its headquarters in Mauritius. It endeavors to build a communication network for customers, totally free of cost. In the year 2018, it will disrupt the international industry. They will create a network that will be powered by WiFi or Bluetooth. It will lessen the cost of data that incumbents impose on consumers.

  • Mining

In network algorithm, you have their proof.

  • Powerful

Any smartphone app can freely join their network and be immensely benefitted by using data free of cost.

  • Instant

Instant purchases will be possible between peers.

  • Secure

With ERC0 debit cards, spending will be super easy.

The social media and system of communication have become decentralized with this.

Mesh Tokens

  • While you are supporting the BlockMesh network, you can also earn Mesh Tokens at the time of token sale.
  • There are ERC20 tokens as well as wallets for transactions.
  • The payment technology is super fast.
  • The security system of BlockMesh is top is the market as it is secured by encryption.
  • You will be free to send text messages, make voice calls and shop to your heart’s content without any data costs.


  • Name
  • Position
  • Links
  • Bjorn Dingemans
  • Founder
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  • Tyron Caithness
  • Head of Financial
  • Eureka Zandberg
  • Legal Counsel
  • Wesley Billet
  • Head of Marketing
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  • Matthew Schulz
  • Head of Digital Operations
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  • Paul Gardner-Stephen
  • Head of Development
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  • Jason Griessel
  • Head of Business Development
  • Christopher Underwood
  • Digital Analyst
  • Garth Stuurman
  • Developer
  • Nicholas Petendi
  • Development Product Manager
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Price9300 MESH = 1 ETH
AcceptingBTC, ETH
Category Communications
Total Supply220,000,000
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