Blockchain Traded Fund

The Blockchain Traded Fund is developed by the Ethereum Blockchain platform. It is launched in the year of 2017. Blockchain Investing Ecosystem Company is located in the USA.  With the help of the Blockchain Investing Ecosystem and Financial Services, you can achieve the financial investment success of the recent finance products. It is one of the best Blockchain Investing Ecosystem platforms in the market. The current value of the Blockchain Traded Fund during 1 ETH is 500 BTF.

The founders are experienced entrepreneurs, portfolio managers, and capital investor has developed the strong network of the advisor, partner, entrepreneurs, and others. The platform offers the cheaper and faster way to transfer money and also exchanger the goods without any hassle. It enables the developers to build the debts store registries, create markets, and other things have not invested without the help of the middleman.


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  • Financial investment success BTF Token is not created for the investment purposes and it is not investment instruments. The Blockchain Traded Fund provides for the sale BFT token that provides value at emerging the blockchain funded firms. The customer realizes the mutual fund of the BTF token in the investment club. You will invest in several emerging blockchain firms by purchasing the BFT token. The tokens were started in December 2017 and end on June 2018. You will purchase the best BTF token and achieve the financial investment success. If all the BFT tokens are sold, then it will start investing in the blockchain firms by buying any other bitcoin tokens.
Trade Token on Bitcratic


Token BTF
Price 1 ETH = 500 BTF
Platform Ethereum
Category Finance
Total Supply 200,000,000

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