Blockchain Neural System

BlockChain Neural System BNS lets organizations and regular users to create and train neural networks using our service for further creation of artificial intelligence for their tasks.

  • Details
  • BNS is built on the principles of open API and the application of proven innovations and services in the field of training neural networks applicable for artificial intelligence.
    • TUITION FEE AI One of our main advantages is an affordable price: from 0.10 $ / hour for training artificial neural networks, applicable for artificial intelligence. At the same time, every organization and anyone can use our service without attracting large resources, both financial and human.
    • COMPUTING POWER BlockChain Neural System provides huge computing power for learning artificial neural networks. With the help of the processing power of the network of miners in 20 000 PFLOPS, it is possible to create the first high-grade artificial intelligence comparable to the human brain.
    • EASY TO USE One of our key priorities is to simplify the interface for learning AI. Even a layman can create and train his ANN. It will be enough to prepare a training sample, and the BNS service will be able to choose the optimal neural network structure for its task.
    • BNS SMARTSTORE - SMART APPLICATIONS This is a decentralized, fault-tolerant analogue of the App Store and Google Play. "BNS SmartStore" is filled with smart applications and services made with the help of BNS.
    • DECENTRALIZED SYSTEM Decentralization and anonymity are provided by the use of smart contracts, which allows to create complete independence and autonomy of BNS from anyone else.
    • UNLIMITED POTENTIAL The areas of application of the INS are practically unlimited, which, in turn, provides us with an impressive base of potential customers.
  • Rates and Bonuses
    • Token info

    • Token
    • BNS
    • Platform
    • Ethereum
    • Type
    • ERC20
    • Price in ICO
    • 1 ETH = 800 BNS
    • BONUS

    • Presale
    • -50%
    • Preliminary ICO
    • -30%
    • First 2 days
    • -20%
    • Next 5 days
    • -10%
    • Investment info

    • Accepting
    • ETH
    • Distributed in ICO
    • 80%
    • Soft cap
    • 3,000 ETH
    • Hard cap
    • 95,000 ETH
    • Raised
    • Unknown


  • Name
  • Position
  • Links
  • Nikita Semeriukov
  • Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
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  • Nikita Makovei
  • Founder and Chief Technical Officer (CTO)
  • Arstan Toregozhin
  • Founder and Chief Product Officer (CPO)
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  • Viktor Shkavro
  • Chief Information Officer (CIO)
  • Dmitry Palchun
  • Developer of smart contracts and system architect for Ethereum
  • Aleksandr Gladskikh
  • Chief business development officer (CBDO)
  • Mikhail Filippov
  • Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
  • Leonid Yasnitsky
  • Academic degree: PhD, Academic title: Full Professor
  • Vitaly Yasnitsky
  • Associate Professor, Perm National Research Polytechnic University
  • Iuliia Osina
  • Chief Research Officer (CRO)
  • Georgii Tubalev
  • Chief Visionary Officer (CVO)
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  • Michael Sennikov
  • Co-founder, financier
  • Oleg Khovaiko
  • Founder and Technical Director, Emercoin.
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Token BNS
Price 1 ETH = 800 BNS
Platform Ethereum
Soft cap3,000 ETH
Hard cap95,000 ETH
Category CryptoCurrency , Energy & Utilities , Internet , Investment