aims to be the cryptocurrency exchange of trust for individual and institutional traders and investors. It aims to combine a state-of-the-art low-latency cryptocurrency exchange with advanced decentralized settlement using the latest “trustless” cross-chain trading protocols to settle trades without the need for a trusted third-party or counterparty.
Total supply: 100 millions BCIO
– Token for sale: 55 millions BCIO
– Hardcap: €20M (~$23M)


Name Position Links
Pierre NoizatFounder & CEO Add me on LinkedIn
Dominique RodriguesCTO Add me on LinkedIn
Pierre TavernierCMO Add me on LinkedIn
Laetitia ZitoCFO Add me on LinkedIn
Pierre MichardLead developer Add me on LinkedIn
Anthony GrouselleFull-stack developer Add me on LinkedIn
Paul Gaston GouronFull-stack developer Add me on LinkedIn
Samuel BezerraMobile developer and Product Owner Add me on LinkedIn
Guillaume BercheMarketing & Business developer Add me on LinkedIn
Julien Lee Kien OnMarketing & Business developer Add me on LinkedIn
Emmanuel VaillantDev Ops Add me on LinkedIn
Anne Bezet Communication Manager Add me on LinkedIn
Victor Labrusse Marketing Manager Add me on LinkedIn
Romain Villa Client Support Manager Add me on LinkedIn
Audric Delcourt Account Manager Add me on LinkedIn
Gary Benezat Product Owner Add me on LinkedIn

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Starts in 5 days 9 hours

2018-09-27 - 2018-10-25
Token BCIO
Price 0.70 €
Bounty Has Ended
Platform Ethereum
AcceptingBTC & ETH
Hard cap€20M (~$23M)
Category Trading & Investing
Total Supply 100

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4 thoughts on “”

  1. Julian Constantin says:

    I personally think that this project will be huge, i researched every aspect of the team ICO phase airdrop round, announcements SEC whitepaper etc, everything is legit and good to go, when this exchange will go live the main token will boost more than 2x at least. I’m waiting impatiently for the token sale.

  2. Lanxster Olbrack says: will provide all trading tools that you can find on most exchange. You can aswell do margin trading and lending.

    Plus, offer two services. One is centralized exchange as usual, second is a decentralized exchange. For the DEX part I hope it’s going to be something user friendly and fast.

    Then we could talk about the ICO service, wich will provide. After an audit some ICO will receive a support, such as listing and liquidity pool.

    Lastly, it’s about the token itself.
    => Regular use, such as reduced fee for users
    => Can be use as pairs, such BTC/BCIO or ETH/BCIO and many more
    => It give you the right to vote for the listing of some ICO (according to the quantity you hold)

    The beta will be available soon, expect beta tester to post screenshot on official telegram

    Pour les francophones voici le telegram FR:
    Good Luck !

  3. santos.ankarlie says:

    This is one of the very few ICO that I have been intently following for several months now since a crypto investment group called my attention to this project. The project has the makings of being probably the most successful ICO of 2018. Everything about is top notch from the Core team members, advisory group, technology and business plan. Even regulatory environment where it is based, France seems to guarantee its success. But don’t take my word for it go through their whitepaper intently and digest every word what they are trying to convey they make a compelling use case that is sorely missing in this space. One of the things that are I am impressed about the project is their strong inclination to transparency and compliance. I have seen other projects moving out their countries due to regulatory concerts but the management team of this project is not afraid to engage regulators but in fact actively engages them to create a venue that is safe for investors without stifling innovation.

  4. juliostore83 says: will be the new generation of crypto exchange that combine centralized order book to obtain high performance of trading with decentralized settlement technology using atomic swap and lightning network to reach high security, high privacy, and high anonymity that refers to Higher liquidity. Recommended ICO of 2018.

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