Our team was drawn together by the disruptive power of smart contracts when made accessible. We see a future where anyone can use smart contracts, regardless of technical prowess. Thanks to our commitment to simple design and the world’s growing need for intuitive solutions, BlockCAT is poised to usher in the explosive growth phase of smart contracts. BlockCAT lets anyone create, manage, and deploy smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain with just a few clicks. No programming required.

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  • Fast: Deploy pre-built smart contracts in seconds, or build your own with just a few clicks. Cost-Effective: Programmers are expensive. BlockCAT makes professionally-made smart contracts affordable. Safe: All of our smart contracts are thoroughly tested and audited by security experts to minimize risk. In our future, everyone uses smart contracts
    • Effortless smart contract creation that anybody can deploy.
    • Mobile and desktop interface to manage your contracts.
    • Design custom contracts that meet your specific needs.
    • Chain or combine multiple contracts to build out entire business payment models.
    • Transfer funds automatically and globally, at great scale.
    • Secure business deals – without lawyers.
    • Transaction verification – remove the risk of sending Ether to the wrong address.
    • Develop and sell your custom contracts on our decentralized marketplace.
    • And much, much more… including applications that no one has thought of yet!
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  • Token info

    Token CAT
    Platform Ethereum
    Price in ICO 1.00 USD
    Average price
    0.02 USD
    ROI -98.00%


    First 24 hours 330 CAT = 1 ETH
    Next 48 hours 315 CAT = 1 ETH
    Rest of the sale 300 CAT = 1 ETH
    Sold tokens 9,200,15 1 Updated on 13th Sep 2017 08:29:08

    Investment info

    Accepting ETH
    Raised $7,139,700   23,799.00000000 ETH


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  • Ramon Lawrence
  • Business Advisor
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  • Jamie McKee-Scott
  • UX and Research Advisor
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  • Graeme Douglas
  • Technical Advisor
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  • Eric Huang
  • Chief Executive Officer
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  • Wade Penson
  • Chief Technology Officer
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  • Ben Stevens
  • Media Advisor
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Token CAT
Price 1.00 USD
Platform Ethereum
Category CryptoCurrency , Investment
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