BLOCKCASH,We may not a piooner in cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and there’s a lot of cryptocurrencies out there teasing us with their complicated projects that never happened at all. It is certain that blockcash is going back to its nature of cryptocurrency philosophy without complexity to create safe, fast & reliable, anonymity, decentralized and affordable cryptocurrency and transaction based on the latest blockchain technology in one plateform and application. It is so simple and you can do it all even in your smartphone. Ease of use, energy saving, compatibility, profitable, and simple yet useful project is our Simplicity.

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  • TRADING We will create simple trading system like option trading method. MINING & STAKING You can mine BlockCash also with only your CPU. Your staking investment in BlockCash apllication. PEER-TO-PEER Quickly trx, itself means BlockCash runs without having a central server. The storage server is decentralized and distributed-divided into various servers run by each user connected to the network. ANONYMOUS All the transactions we have done can be seen, but we do not know who the owner of BlockCash address is if the owner does not tell it. HIM Controlling your network tree of your Hybrid Investment Models. FAIR DISTRIBUTION & EXCHEANGE Fair BlockCash distribution bassed on your investment and BlockCash price.
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    Token BSC
    Platform Bitcoin
    Price in ICO 1 BSC = 0,00010883 BTC
    Tokens for sale 7,000,000
    Sold tokens 19,750 Updated on 9th Feb 2018 20:51:06

    Investment info

    Accepting BTC
    Distributed in ICO 25%
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Token BSC
Price 1 BSC = 0,00010883 BTC
Platform Bitcoin
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