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Block Bank is a a digital decentralized commercial banking entity. The Block Bank concept is a digital funding platform designed to serve human needs rather than profits alone. The platform will operate automatically online opening up low cost commercial products to previously unreachable markets. With an International presence online, the digital delivery system will allow commercial entities to apply from anywhere in the world. Our vision is to expand and simplify the current financial system by using a new progressive technology to create a more inclusive system that allows people to access credits without huge taxes.


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  • Adam Cuffe
  • Founder Project Director
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  • Anton Dzyatkovskii
  • Emerging Markets
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  • Dmitry Machikhin
  • Legal Russian Markets
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  • Yusuf Sozi
  • Sales Officer
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  • Stephen Widdison
  • Chief Operations Officer
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  • Vitalii Biriukov
  • Blockchain team lead architect
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  • Vladimir Sergeev
  • Team lead backend web developer
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  • Elena Morozova
  • Team lead frontend web developer
  • Nikolai Zhulinskyi
  • Web developer
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  • Alexandr Brusentsov
  • UI/UX designer
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PreICO Price1 LNC = 0.0003 ETH (Dutch auction)
Price0.6000 USD
Category Banking
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    9 thoughts on “BlockBank”

    1. wilbert says:

      Really love this project!! Seems like a really promising project.

    2. Irina says:

      AFCASH is bringing innovations in cryptocurrency world and will solve the problem between the fiat and crypto universes.

    3. Madeleine.winkler says:

      This is one of the Most interesting Whitepaper and the reality that results will be used also for humanitarian projects i s the reason why this is my ICO to Invest. The powerfull Team wich is Standing behind this great Vision.

    4. Welcome to Africunia bank a virtual bank that would Revolutionise the world’s digital currency with it’s crypto-currency AFCASH where transactions can be done fast like the Speed of light, with top notch risk management, and fund traceability. Welcome to E-commerce revolution welcome to AFRICUNIA

    5. The team behind this project is full of persons with great reputation and achievement, coupled with openness, and always open to here you out. What else are we looking for if we have relevance in a project, I.e we can call it ours

    6. princetimade says:

      Africunia’s vision is a loudable one which am sure will bring great development to it’s participants and all of humanity. So glad to be a participant in the project.

    7. Afcash will make a difference in a Cryptocurrency market, am proud to invest in Africunia Bank project.

    8. If one does not invest in this Ico then what would they be willing to invest in? This is the one.

    9. Justin says:

      Thank you everyone for the Kind words on LucisDollar. Our team is dedicated to communication with our members and we consider each and everyone of you family. Our coin stands out above many others for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, the ideology and vision behind the coin. LucisDollar is aimed at helping usher in stability to the global market. Second we operate on the foundations of trust, integrity, security and privacy. Be sure to like us on Facebook and be sure to catch all of our Facebook Live broadcast! – Justin Recla – LucisDollar Team

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