BlockArray is a blockchain-based startup focused on developing the protocols and infrastructure required for supply chain and logistic companies to integrate distributed ledger technology across their business. Protocols: XONS – eXtensible Object Name Service: a protocol that implements lazy binding of strings to data, in order to support dynamically configured delegation and federated systems (both blockchain and “legacy”). XONS functions by mapping some unique string to data stored within a database by iteratively applying string transformation rules until a terminal condition is reached. BDI, blockcahin data interchange, translating transactions into EPCIS-like events based on defined user permissions that are created in its SaaS, Visual SmartContracts. Badger: a consumer application that uses XONS to find product information and display a centralized page that contains relevent information Enterprise Mobile Application: a mobile application that allows permission-based users to effect changes to the web page that normal users (e.g. consumers) can see. for example: work orders done on a MRI machine can be finalized through the application, then a doctor can come and scan on their phone to see the work history for that machine, software, firmware updates, etc.

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  • Connect Records & Documents from any source and connect them to your products barcode or unique identification scheme.
    • COUNTERFEIT PROTECTION Our implementation of QR codes allows QR Codes to have an encrypted signature. Our aim is to bring this software library to high-speed label printers to allow companies to add these labels to products to help mitigate counterfeit goods
    • XTENSIBLE ONS Resolve Barcodes or RFID to a companies specific webpage, showing information such as authorized re sellers and distributors, manuals, material safety datasheets and more. Support for multiple physical capture interfaces such as hand held terminals, mobile applications and RFID scanners.
    • GS1 BARCODES GS1 Barcodes are the barrier to entry for small businesses getting access to large retailers. With our GS1 Prefix we can lower the price by 50%. We also give small businesses the resources to accept different cryptos on their existing e-commerce website
    Engage with your customers easily Customers get the benefit of being able to see any information associated with the product associated with the barcode depending on what kind of permissions the company wants to enable.
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    Token ARY
    Platform Ethereum
    Type ERC20
    Price in ICO 1 ARY = 0.18 USD

    Investment info

    Accepting ETH
    Distributed in ICO 60%
    Hard cap 7,700,000 USD
    Raised Unknown


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  • Sam Bacha
  • Co-Founder – BizDev
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  • Micah Osborne
  • Co-Founder/Lead Developer
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  • Yuri Senyut
  • Systems/DevOps
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  • Joe Rong
  • Mobile Development, freelancer
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Token ARY
Price 1 ARY = 0.18 USD
Platform Ethereum
Hard cap7,700,000 USD
Whitelist/KYCKYC & Whitelist
Restricted areas China, South Korea, Russia, Venezuela, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabaia
Category Business services , software
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