Bitsoko is built on the Ethereum blockchain platform. With the help of the Bitsoko, the dealer can reward the customers. It is projected by the Bitsoko service limited company that located in Kenya. It offers the cryptocurrency adoption to the merchants. It develops the services and products by using the blockchain technology that built the relationship between the customers and merchant by offering the best solution to the online shopping sector. The current price of the Bitsoko token during 1 BITS is 0.1 USD.

The Bitsoko is equipped with the blockchain and it is an open and secure ledger. By using the mobile app the customers can receive the reward points. It is open and digital asset reward that the online merchants can liabilities to the Ethereum blockchain when the customers are rewarded. The Bitsoko offer the merchants to bring their business formally, with the lot of the functions such as delivery management, feedback collection, stock management, customer loyalty integration, and others.


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  • Bitsoko Solution The bitsoko platform provides the huge benefits to the retailer such as improve the sales, enhanced the security, reduce the cash handling cost, improve the customers and others. The plug-in features of the bitsoko allow the users to develop and manage the powerful reward program from the existing platform. So the users can provide the bits as the reward for the customers and aspect the bits for the future purchases. The bitsoko platform provides the right solution for the online merchant. The merchants use the digital currency with its safe and secure Bitsoko blockchain wallet.
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Token BITS
Price 1 BITS = 0.1 USD
Platform Ethereum
Whitelist/KYCKYC & Whitelist
Category Business services
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