The BitRewards is designed by the ethereum platform that offers the cashback and loyalty point to the merchants. This type of platform is currently operated in Russia. It is considered as the initial coin offering system that suitable for the online business. It is accepted by the ETH and BTC. The present value of the BIT token is 1 BIT=0.00003472 ETH.

This is mainly designed for the ecommerce businesses. The online store enables this one to reward their customer with the cryptocurrency BIT. This is very useful for the business to improve the sale by 17%. This is a cutting edge loyalty system that provided to the business with free of cost. It is a standard basis ERC-20 ethereum token. The revenue of the business in enhanced.

It is suitable for the online business to invite friends and purchase the products.  The customers get the cashless reward for the ethereum based token. It is a reliable tool to monitor the user’s behavior with the right set of tools. This is a great chance for the business owners to attract the cryptocurrency audience.


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  • The merchant offer the premium rewards to the customers with the help of the BitRewards with free of charge. There is no restriction for using the token. The Bit token value can be ranged between $100 and $200 in a month. Now, there are many online stores manage the token to enhance the live token sale. The merchant is willing to deliver the amazing products to the customer globally.  
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Token BIT
Price 1 BIT = 0.00003472 ETH
Platform Ethereum
AcceptingETH, BTC
Soft cap3,000,000 USD
Hard cap15,000,000 USD
Category Business services
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