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The BitPlus Network is a ecosystem designed to encourage consumers and merchants to adopt cryptocurrency by rewarding them for engaging in real transactions. Interactify is our intersaction management software, allowing small to medium size businesses to manage customer relationships. Acadia POS is a fully customizable point-of-sale system that allows merchants to accept both BTC and our native token, BPNT. Our network provides businesses of all sizes with the tools necessary to generate more revenue while seamlessly leveraging cryptocurrency in their day-to-day business. BPNT offers benefits for both the retailer and consumer: it can be used to pay for BitPlus services and at the point of sale to purchase products and services at participating merchants.

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  • Interactify is our voice and non-voice interaction management system. Take phone calls, chat with customers online, supervise agents and record calls all with our easy-to-use, cloud-based app.
    • Compatible with any modern web browser
    • Manage multiple communication channels
    • Inbound & outbound interaction features
    • Monitor agent/staff customer service productivity
    Adadia POS is a customizable, hybrid point-of-sale system designed for retail and restaurant settings. Process transactions, manage inventory, track best business practices and improve your bottom line with our hassle-free POS app.
    • Set-up in minutes
    • Compatible with any hardware
    • No installation required
    • Reliable even when you lose internet connection
    • Accept Visa/Mastercard, cryptocurrencies
    • Significantly lower processing fees than popular solutions such as Square, PayPal and Clover
    • Every valid transaction event earns both merchants and users cash back in our native token.
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  • Benjamin Leviton
  • Co-Founder, CEO
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  • Evgeniy Kamyshev
  • Co-Founder, CTO
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  • Salman Khan
  • Front-end Developer
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  • Jessica Spates
  • Communications Officer
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  • Diane Beaulieu
  • Senior Relationship Manager
  • Richard Bush
  • Large Accounts Specialist
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  • Konstantin
  • Telecom Engineer
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  • Rehan Allahwala
  •, Rehan University
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  • John Konop
  • Citibank
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