Bitpaction was established to building a new user-centered digital asset trading ecological system, promoting upgrading of digital currency exchange into the version 2.0 and overturning the operation modes of conventional exchanges, to providing users simpler and securer trading experience and attracting more users.

  • Details
  • Data security

    Relational database service (RDS) with multiple protective measures is used in the platform for real-time monitoring of database performance. Data load balancing technology for databases and disaster tolerance solution for machine rooms and multiple lines ensure stable operation of the database.

    Fund security

    Wallet management is allocated with the security plan far superior to that of ordinary banks and financial organizations. Encryption by 64-bit double special keys and decryption by unique dynamic decryption algorithm are adopted. Trading cools off as long as it is completed, and fund is stored in off-line cold wallet. Key of off-line wallet is subject to multi-signature management and is kept by a special person in a special room. All operations to wallet documents need to be checked by strict internal control process. With both measures taken, internal and external risks can be effectively prevented. Real-time monitoring to trading accounts ensures account and fund security of investors.

    Stable system

    The trading platform is built in strict accordance with financial standards, and with the transmission encryption protocol in line with the industrial standard. We have researched and developed trading matching engine BPngs independently, with a peak matching speed up to 1,800,000 / s, ensuring that overall process of core orders suffers from no delay and jamming. Meanwhile, Bitpaction is equipped with the distributed denial of service defense server DDoSD+WAF+Nginx, which ensures stable operation of service on the premise of guaranteeing user security.

    Stable network

    The trading platform achieves intelligent analysis on network traffic and load conditions, avoids the bottleneck that affects data transmission speed and stability and improves network resource distribution by applying the content delivery network (CDN) technology, providing rapid access to investors’ demand.

  • Rates and Bonuses
  • Token info

    Token Bitpaction Share
    Type ERC20
    Price in ICO 1 BPS = 0.23 USD

    Investment info

    No additional info.


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  • Position
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  • Sonny
  • CEO
  • Allen
  • CTO
  • Oliver
  • Marketing director
  • Eileen
  • Marketing manager
  • Zoe
  • Finance manager
  • James
  • Chief architect
  • Jason
  • Information security expert
  • Roland
  • Senior investor of block chain
  • Jonathan
  • Senior consultant
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Token Bitpaction Share
Price 1 BPS = 0.23 USD
Platform Ethereum
Category CryptoCurrency

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